Lessons from ‘How to Take Smart Notes’

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Sonke Ahrens outlines sociologist Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten method for note-taking that helped him publish 58 books and hundreds of articles over his career.

Ahrens analyzes standard note-taking and writing methods and compares them with research on memory, willpower, and attention. The studies show that the way we study and write is not in sync with how our brains work.

Why Do We Need to Change the Way We Take Notes?

Note-taking isn’t taught in school, but it is the basis of learning, thinking, and writing.

If we do something often, we believe we become competent at it, but that’s not the case. Being familiar with something and being skilled at something…

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Dave Portnoy took Barstool sports from handing out newspapers in 2003 to a media company worth a $450 million valuation in 2020.

The Barstool sportsbook is leveraging its media content as a customer acquisition tool for its sports gambling app. Barstool sports currently has 91 shows/podcasts, 10 million followers on Instagram, 810K YouTube subscribers. Barstool has three podcasts in the top 30 of all podcasts.

The media company is setting its sights on the sports gambling market.

The total addressable market for sports gambling is estimated between $67-$87 million. Sports gambling is legal in 19 U.S. states and counting. …

Lessons From “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years”

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Life is a story.

If your actions make for an exciting story, you’re living a meaningful life. Would you behave differently if someone was documenting your story?

This book will cause you to take stock of your life. Is your life challenging you to grow, or are you hiding in your comfort zone?

How To Edit Your Life

Donald Miller is a writer in his thirties who, despite the success, slipped into a dark place.

One day, two movie producers contacted him to ask if he would be interested in making a movie out of his memoir, Blue Jazz. The problem is that Miller doesn’t…

Lessons from ‘Rework’ by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

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If you’re starting a business, stuck in a job that you hate, or want to be more productive, Rework is your guide. The book flips antiquated business practices on their head.

Authors Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson show you an efficient, productive, and straightforward way to work.

You’ll learn to cut the excuses holding you back, why execution is more important than the idea, and why you should avoid competition.

Rework will show you how to be more productive, avoid planning, make better decisions and host better meetings.

Starting a Business

There are excuses we use to avoid doing things outside of…

Crypto’s dirty little secret

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Bitcoin has taken the world by storm, its increased 417% in the past year. Digital art in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) is selling for millions. A cartoon character called “CryptoPunk” sold for $2 million. Elon Musk’s girlfriend Grimes sold $6 million worth of digital art. A Lebron James dunk highlight sold for over $200,000. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put up the first-ever tweet for auction. The highest bid for the tweet as I write this is $2.5 million.

Bitcoin markets itself as a way to protect your money from inflation. The federal reserve is printing money like never…

Speculator’s paradise

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Options were once reserved for wall street, now they’re accessible to the little guy. People are trading options the way kids swapped Pokemon cards on the playground in the late 90's. Suddenly people who never had any interest in the stock market are speculating on assets with options.

Speculating on the short-term action in securities is a lot like playing poker. At the poker table, your decisions don’t always match your outcomes. In poker, you speculate on two variables: your opponent’s cards and the dealer’s cards. …

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4 Life Lessons I Took Away

The excitement of qualifying for the 2020 Boston Marathon lasted a couple of days. I trained hard for three years to get to that goal. I thought I would be more fulfilled. Why am I left feeling empty? This is everything I wanted for three years. A thousand or so runs all led to this moment.

It was my third marathon. I had failed to qualify in my first two attempts. My first attempt was ten minutes off the qualifying standard time. The second was 37 seconds off, but another 4 minutes and 52 seconds off the cutoff time.


How Sunk Costs Hold Us Back and Propel Us Forward

Seth Godin Site: seths.blog

Seth Godin was on Shane Parrish’s “The Knowledge Project” podcast this week, where he discussed:

- What is a sunk cost?

- How/why do we rationalize sunk costs?

To understand sunk costs, he told two stories:

1/ How sunk costs hold us back.

2/ How sunk costs propel us forward.

Business schools preach “ignore sunk costs.”

What is a sunk cost?

Spent money or time which can’t be recovered. You made a decision in your past. In the future, you need to decide whether to accept the gift from your…

Passion is a choice

Unsplash Cullan Smith

I followed the “right path.” I graduated from college, got a job, and I’m dreading the rest of my career after working for two years. I am an introvert, who has to rely heavily on my social skills at work. I spend most of my time managing people.

If not project management, what would I do? I like investing, but I don’t want to manage other people’s money. I enjoy reading, but nobody is going to pay me to read.

If you’re like me, you’re asking yourself, “Where do I find my passion?” …

2 Stoic Lessons from the Quarantine Capital of Canada

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The Atlantic Canadian provinces joined forces and created ‘the bubble’ on July 3rd, 2020. Residents can travel freely between Atlantic provinces without quarantining. Canadians coming from outside the Atlantic provinces are subject to a 14-day quarantine period.

As of today, the Atlantic bubble has popped. With outbreaks, many provinces have pulled out. That doesn’t change the fact that if you leave an Atlantic province, you must quarantine upon your return.


Living in the Atlantic bubble is excellent so long as your family is all within the bubble. Many families fall into the category where all of their extended family resides…


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